Conflict Facilitation

Facilitation for Groups in Conflict

If one group has reached an impasse with another group, you need a facilitator to come in and bring the parties back to the negotiating table. A facilitator’s job is getting people round the table in a safe environment where everybody’s views can be heard. This is a vital step towards re-opening negotiations.

Farming unions such as the NFU, farm groups and other organisations in agriculture can all benefit from a facilitator for those difficult meetings.

To engage Siân’s services please call 0773 3238 986

Siân Bushell, trained facilitator providing conflict resolution and facilitation to move negotiations forward, for farmers and farmers groups such as the NFU and others in agriculture. Based in South West Wales, working with organisations across the UK and Ireland.


Siân Bushell Associates based in South West Wales empowering family businesses in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England by asking the hard questions to facilitate succession planning for change and growth.


Sian Bushell Associates
Rock House
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Tel: 07733 238 986

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