Family Business Succession Planning

How Do You Manage Change?

It’s not just when handing over the reins that problems can arise. Any change – ill health in key family members, adult children wanting to join or leave the business – will affect the relationships in the family as well as the business. Planning for change can help reduce conflict determine the future of the business.   

Siân Bushell is a trained family business succession facilitator who can bring all family members around the table to develop a succession plan. These meetings provide a safe environment in which all family members can be heard. At the end of a day’s Family Meeting, your business will have a Succession Plan.

To make a fully confidential, no obligation enquiry about a Family Meeting for your family business please contact us

Siân Bushell Associates based in South West Wales holding Family Meetings for succession planning for family businesses across the UK and Ireland.


Siân Bushell Associates based in South West Wales empowering family businesses in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England by asking the hard questions to facilitate succession planning for change and growth.


Sian Bushell Associates
Rock House
SA62 4PN

Tel: 07733 238 986

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