Managing Staff

How to Manage Farm Staff

Do you feel your farm staff are not giving you value for money? Do you have problems keeping staff on your farm?

This is often caused by your expectations not being met. Do your staff know what is expected of them? Do they know what their role is in the Farm Business Plan? Better communication could be the key to improved productivity from your staff.

Our practical training for farmers is designed by farmers for farmers. Improve your communication skills and see the difference in the productivity of your staff. Training in e.g. writing job descriptions and carrying out interviews will give you confidence and help you attract the right person for the job.

We also provide training in:

Time Management (see Courses)

Siân Bushell Associates based in South West Wales providing services for recruiting and managing farm employees for farm businesses across the UK and Ireland.


Siân Bushell Associates based in South West Wales empowering family businesses in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England by asking the hard questions to facilitate succession planning for change and growth.


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