The Myth of the Common Law Marriage plus …….

The Myth of the Common Law Marriage plus …….

An issue for many thinking of farming succession is the Common Law Marriage. There has been a push recently here in the UK for heterosexual couples to also be allowed to have a Civil Partnership in the way it is already  available to gay couples. What’s the fuss about you may ask? Well if a heterosexual couple do not wish to get married they are not entitled to a share of the partner’s assets at death or after a relationship breaks down. The concept of the Common Law Marriage is a myth.

I had a lovely time in the Emerald Isle last week and got to work with a great discussion group down in Crookstown Co. Cork. One of the many interesting discussions we had were managing the expectations of those children who will not be inheriting the farm. It was pointed out that it is up to the parents to clarify the situation with their children at an early stage. This is yet another reason to get those succession conversations going early so that there are no unrealistic expectations in the family.

After twelve years of working alone I ran a training course last November and now have four colleagues to share the workload and bounce around new ideas. Jo Speed and Laura Teasdale from Kite Consulting, Neil Adams from Promar and Becky Miles from AHDB. Good luck guys!

Although there have been a few showers about in the last few days we are still in need of rain. As long as the animals are fed and watered and work is done there is nothing else you can do and worrying doesn’t solve anything. So why not take the family out and enjoy the weather like everyone else.

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